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Kanab Veterinary Hospital

Welcome to Kanab Veterinary Hospital! We are dedicated to helping you and all your pets.

Meet the Team

Dr. Kevin Ballard

Dr. Kevin Ballard

Veterinarian / Co-Owner

Dr. Kevin D. Ballard was born and raised in beautiful Southern Utah, growing up in the town of Hurricane. He grew up next door to his Grandparents who always had a horse for him to ride. He knew from a young age that he wanted to be a veterinarian and focused his efforts to reach that goal from late in middle school through graduation from Hurricane High School in 1995. He attended Southern Utah University from 1998-2002 where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree, then moved on to Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine from 2002-2006. He worked at Desert Pines Equine Center in Las Vegas, NV from May of 2006 to September 2012 as well as small animal hospitals before purchasing Kanab Veterinary Hospital in August 2012.

Dr. Ballard thoroughly enjoys being a veterinarian, consistently going above and beyond in the care for all his patients and their human companions. He and his wife Ann are the proud parents of nine children. They enjoy the outdoors together riding horses, driving wagons, camping, hunting, fishing and ranching. Dr. Ballard has always had a deep love for nature and animals. His love for service comes from his parents and grandparents, and he truly loves to help others in any way he can. He loves living in Kanab and is intensely passionate about serving the animals and people of Southern Utah.

Ann Ballard

Ann Ballard


Ann is and always has been devoted to supporting her husband, Dr. Ballard, as he followed his passion toward becoming a veterinarian. She was particularly excited when they opened Kanab Veterinary Hospital together to help animals and their owners in Kanab and surrounding areas. Ann grew up on cattle ranches in Florida and on the Arizona Strip and appreciates those people and animals that have a job to do on the ranch. She has many years’ experience in budgeting, computers, communications, and assisting the Veterinarian. Ann has a deep-rooted sense of service to others, as a result she loves learning as much as possible about running a veterinary hospital so she can better serve the animals, their human companions and her caring staff of the Kanab Veterinary Hospital. Having played a significant role since August 2012 in creating a successful veterinary practice, Ann can now spend more time working from home and caring for her nine children.

Cami Cotter

Cami Cotter - Business and Office Manager

Years at KVH: 1
Education: Master’s in Business Management and Leadership
Interests: Outdoors, Travel, & Animals
Email: Kanabvet@gmail.com

With a Bachelor Degree in Business Management, a Masters Degree in Business Management and Leadership, together with a plethora of experience in starting and running her own small businesses, Kanab Veterinary Hospital was determined to have Cami join our team. After “courting” Cami for a time, KVH is delighted she ultimately decided to join our team in August 2018 and has certainly epitomized the term “hit the ground running” ever since.

Cami’s business management career has spanned almost two decades and traversed both the small business world and the larger corporate world. It includes owning and operating a large scale child care facility caring for some 100 children daily; starting and running a property management company with her husband for house rentals as well as a boat maintenance and repair company. Owning and operating one’s own businesses is extremely demanding and time-consuming. So, when Cami and her husband decided to have a family of their own, they knew they needed to make a few lifestyle adjustments in order to devote themselves to raising their children. At this time Cami crossed back into the Corporate world, accepting employment at a semi-conductor manufacturing facility. With Cami’s formal education qualifications and experience in running her own businesses, it is not surprising that she was quickly elevated to managing teams of employees across multiple production areas. Specifically, Cami was in charge of supervisor development and leadership training program, to help others grow within the company.

Although giving up business ownership and moving into an employee situation did afford Cami and her husband more time to devote to the raising of their children, the Corporate world is very fast paced, demanding and stressful. Additionally, Cami had been working the nightshift for over a decade to ensure the most efficient use of her time could be devoted to raising her children. Cami had dreamed of moving to a small, remote town with a small population of warm and friendly people. The offer to work at Kanab Veterinary Hospital was a perfect match for her skills and experience as well as for the lifestyle she dreamed of for her and her family.

Cami loves to explore nature and learn about animals. Kanab is a great location to indulge in both of her favorite things. Cami foresees Kanab as her family’s long-term home.

Cami is a strong asset to our team and is responsible for managing both the Kanab Veterinary Hospital and the Page Animal Hospital businesses.

Dr. Aimee Smith

Dr. Aimee Smith - Veterinarian

Years at KVH: 6 months
Education: B.S. in Biology with an Agriculture minor. A.A. degree in Computer Information Systems.
Interests: Quality time with her daughter, basic training with her new dog, hiking, concerts and the movies.

Dr. Aimee brings with her a rich blend of formal education and practical experiences with horses as well as with small animals. Dr. Aimee has a demonstrated history of patience, perseverance, resilience and juggling commitments that over years have helped her achieve her goal to become a Veterinarian.

A native of Alabama with three younger brothers, Dr. Aimee Smith developed a deep and abiding love for animals and their well-being from a very early age. It all began with Nibbles; a mixed breed female dog with a beautiful and independent soul who was Dr. Aimee’s first canine companion for 13 years. Dr. Aimee’s great passion for horses also began at a very early age when, while attending a Girl Scout Camp, she received her first introduction to horses. Subsequently, Dr. Aimee used every opportunity after school, on school breaks and during the summer holidays to frequent the local riding stable. Dr. Aimee was determined to learn everything possible about horses and spent so much time at the stable doing so, that the owners became her second family.

Dr. Aimee’s desire to ultimately attend veterinary school began in her teens. Little did she know that the path toward her goal would take a somewhat challenging and circuitous route! After graduating high school, Dr. Aimee focused on her passion for horses by attaining a B.A. in Equine Studies with a concentration on equine management at Midway College in Kentucky. While attending college, Dr. Aimee undertook seasonal work on many of the surrounding Thoroughbred farms and worked a number of the Thoroughbred horse sales. After graduating college, Dr. Aimee moved to Texas where she worked on an Egyptian Arabian farm as a show groom, travelling to various shows both in Texas and out of State.

Marriage, motherhood and a serious automobile accident followed by multiple surgeries occupied a number of subsequent years, yet the flame within to become a veterinarian still glowed. Dr. Aimee tested the waters in 2001 by working in a small animal emergency hospital. In 2007, Dr. Aimee transitioned to another emergency animal clinic that provided ER/CC residency opportunities for veterinarians that wanted to specialize. Noticing that many of the resident doctors were of a similar age to herself, Dr. Aimee was inspired to finally pursue her long held dream of attending Veterinary School.

Upon graduating Veterinary school, Dr. Aimee accepted an equine internship in Texas for 2018-2019 where, typical of internships, she worked exceptionally long days and nights. Although Dr. Aimee had devoted so much of herself to horses, she realized she missed working with small animals. So, a dream comes true when searching for her next position and Dr. Aimee discovered Kanab Veterinary Hospital was looking to employ a full-time veterinarian in a “mixed practice” where she can continue to follow her passion for horses (including equine internal medicine and equine reproduction) together with her love for small animals (including animal behavior and training, neurology and Dr. Aimee’s heart’s work – animal rescue.

Anna Young

Anna Young - Director of Medical Services

Years at KVH: 2.5 Years
Interests: Large animal care, music

Competent. Versatile. Resourceful. Dependable are just a few words to describe the wide-ranging qualities of Anna.

Anna was raised on a small family farm in Hilldale, Utah. Most of Anna's early years were spent hanging out with the goats, cows, and horses on the farm, which is how she learned her great love for all animals and their care.

In addition to being the Director of Medical Services for KVH, Anna has completed a Veterinary Assistant course and is eager to pursue a career as a Veterinarian. Anna enthusiastically immerses herself in all the learning experiences available at KVH.

In her spare time, Anna enjoys riding & driving horses, as well as playing piano, violin, and guitar.

Jordyn Parker

Jordyn Parker - Veterinary Technician

Years at KVH: 6 Months
Education: Veterinary Technician Degree, BA in Anthropology, Associate's Degree Arts and Sciences.
Interests: Mountain drives, experimenting in the kitchen, reading and her artwork

Jordyn made an unexpected appearance when her mother was visiting family in Kanab and Jordyn arrived 2 ½ months prematurely! Jordyn began life as she planned to live it, always ahead of her time. Almost as soon as she learned to read, Jordyn began devouring information about animals – of any species – from books, nature documentaries and the Internet. From a very early age, Jordyn demonstrated a natural ability to retain and accurately share all she learned about animals and quickly became the “go to” animal expert in the family.

Other early childhood experiences were learning how to take care of special needs animals. Her first kitten, Ryan Tucker, was diagnosed with FIP (an incurable and terminal illness) and crossed the Rainbow Bridge at just one year old. Jordyn’s natural compassion made his short life as comfortable and happy as could be.

Leaving high school two years ahead of schedule, Jordyn began her journey toward ultimately attaining her Veterinary Technician degree from the Bel Rea Institute of Animal Technology in Colorado. The two-year curriculum included a combination of lectures, hands-on labs, shadowing qualified veterinary people in clinic settings and a ten-week internship where Jordyn gained experience working with cats, dogs, some exotics such as parrots and reptiles – and even fish! Additionally, Jordyn has spent time volunteering at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary’s Parrot Garden where she worked closely with the vet techs caring for the Parrots.

Jordyn has seamlessly assimilated into the Kanab Veterinary Hospital’s “family”, a term she uses to describe the warmth and friendless of her work environment. Jordyn is extremely skilled, gentle and compassionate with all the animals she comes into contact with, treating each one as an individual. Jordyn is also an excellent listener and communicator, instilling confidence in the people who entrust their beloved animals to her care.

Tamara Fleck

Tamara Fleck - Professional Groomer

Years at KVH: 2 Years
Education: American Kennel Club Safety Certified Groomer

Tamara began grooming for KVH in early 2018. She was born and raised in Nebraska where she grew up in a farming community. Tamara moved to Kanab in 2004 and has worked and volunteered extensively in animal welfare through Best Friends Animal Society and other avenues.

Tamara shares her home with 4 cats, 3 dogs, a potbellied pig and a human son who attends Kanab High School.

Certified by the American Kennel Club as a S.A.F.E. groomer (Safety, Assurance, Fundamentals, Education), Tamara keeps Kanab Vet's patients (small, medium, large and extra-large) looking (and smelling) great! Call the office today to schedule your pet's next grooming appointment!

Phone #: 435-644-2400

Jodi Leach

Jodi Leach - Front Line Receptionist

Years at KVH: 1.5
Interests: Reading, Boating, Camping, Hiking, and Photography

Jodi joined the KVH team in June of 2018. Jodi is a native of Southern Utah who grew up following her grandfather around his cattle ranch in Johnson Canyon, Utah. Through her many interactions and experiences on her grandfather’s ranch, Jodi adopted a deep and passionate love and respect for all animals, large and small

Jodi loves the fast-paced environment of the veterinary field and has a natural talent for juggling all the many and varied requirements (and surprises) of a “front line receptionist”. Jodi is extremely compassionate to both patient and their human companion and goes above and beyond to take care of their needs. Jodi has a calm and steady demeanor that serves her, her colleagues, our patients and their human companions extremely well in an environment that at times can be emotionally challenging.

Jodi is an advocate of adopting shelter animals. She shares her home with a mix of feline and canine adopted companions, each having joined Jodi’s family when they were only weeks old. Jodi loves serving the community’s veterinary needs and is keen to expand her education and technical abilities, all devoted to making a positive difference in the lives of the animals and their human companions.

Jodi loves being part of the amazing KVH team and KVH is fortunate to have Jodi as a member of our family!

Kelli Johnson

Kelli Johnson - Veterinary Assistant

Years at KVH: 6 Months

Raised on a working ranch, Kelli has an inborn passion for working with and caring for animals. Kelli has always had her own companion animals. Current members of Kelli’s family include three dogs named Tilly, Lucy and Remi. Kelli also has three horses – Pepper, Ghost and Whitemore.

Kelli loves to ride and will this year compete in the Nationals for rodeo-barrel racing.

Every day, Kelli cherishes her experience as a tech at KVH, that is fulfilling her inborn passion to help and care for animals.

LJ Heaton

LJ Heaton - Veterinary Assistant

Years at KVH: 6 Months

With an associate degree in nursing, spending 29 years in the nursing profession, raising 12 children, managing a farm filled with horses, cows, goats, ducks and chickens. . .caring for two small dogs and a cat. . .plus graduating from massage school (phew!) . . . .is it any wonder that when you meet L.J. you immediately sense her powerful instinct to nurture both people and animals!

L.J. has been a client of KVH for many years. Joining the KVH family was a little unexpected. As Dr. Ballard and his staff were attending to a sick foal L.J. had brought to the hospital, she offered to pitch in and help and the rest was history!

Billee Ainsworth

Billee Ainsworth - Veterinary Assistant

Years at KVH: 9 Months

When you and your animal companion meet Billee you are greeted with a beautiful, warm and engaging smile. Together with Billee’s quiet, calm and friendly demeanor, both animals in her care and their parents feel at ease. Billee is equally comfortable with small and large animals, having grown up around large animals and worked on ranches. Billee is a natural when it comes to reading an animal’s needs. Billee has been a member of the KVH family for 6 months, taking some brief time away to welcome her new baby daughter into the world. Billee is hard working, driven to learn, willing to do whatever is asked of her and has very quickly become a great asset to our KVH team!



Maintenance and Janitor Assistant
Years at KVH: 1
Education: Graduated December 2016 from School of Hard Knocks
Interests: Laying in flowerbeds, receiving pets, snacks.

Moccasin's favorite part of the job is meeting our clients and patients, so feel free to say hi next time you see him!

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